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Econologics Financial Advisors Holds Free Virtual Financial Bootcamp To Help Improves Success in Practice Owners’ Lives


Econologics Financial Advisors helps private practice owners attain personal financial success and more with its two-hour virtual event.

LARGO, FL, USA, August 7, 2023/ — Econologics Financial Advisors will host a free two-hour financial bootcamp dedicated to private practice owners in healthcare on August 15th, 2023, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST. Through this virtual financial bootcamp for practice owners, co-owner and best-selling author, Eric Miller aims to help various healthcare industry business owners learn how to build practice value and achieve personal financial success utilizing business profits.

By sharing expert tips and strategies, Econologics Financial Advisors will teach practice owners how to build personal wealth while maximizing practice value, so they can obtain financial freedom. As a result, practice owners can prepare for a successful business exit and be able to pursue other life goals.

The financial bootcamp will guide practice owners how to handle financial issues like debt, taxes, asset protection and investment strategies and more and how to overcome these hurdles to achieve personal and business financial success. The event also helps practice owners learn to make wise financial decisions regarding their practice. By setting themselves on the right financial path, they can improve their quality of life both now and for the future.

What to Expect From Econologics Financial Advisors’ Online Financial Bootcamp Event

This virtual financial bootcamp event is exclusively designed for healthcare professionals who own a practice in various industries including veterinary, dentistry, functional medicine, optometry, physical therapy to name a few.

Within the two-hour virtual event, Mr. Eric Miller, the Chief Financial Advisor and Co-Owner of Econologics Financial Advisors, will show practice owners how to determine whether they are financially and emotionally ready to exit their businesses. If they’re not yet in that state, Econologics Financial Advisors is equipped to present practice owners with a plan on how to get ready to successfully exit their practice.

Moreover, the virtual bootcamp will let practice owners learn to create multiple income streams outside of their business to align with their future personal, business, and financial goals.

Given that the sale of their business is a major and crucial decision, the team at Econologics Financial Advisors help many practice owners plan a business exit with ease, including advisory service in strategic tax planning, income planning, and allocating practice profits before pursuing the next step to sell the practice.

The whole preparation and selling process can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, the financial bootcamp will help practice owners develop the right mindset, learn tips and techniques on how to prepare and allocate the proceeds wisely.

Furthermore, the virtual financial bootcamp will properly guide practice owners on how to handle various issues such as losses, inflation, and lawsuits. They will be able to identify which assets to protect and how to make the most out of their income and profits. Private practice owners are set to learn these key financial elements and more through this important event.

The Financial Bootcamp for Practice Owners: A Game-Changer to Advance to the Next Level

The two-hour experience will have a significant impact on practice owners’ lives and those of their families. They will know how to diversify their income and make more money while gearing for the exit of their business and beyond. The online event will also help them explore more tax-saving opportunities and protect all their assets from possible losses. Furthermore, the financial bootcamp will help private practice owners address bad debts and maximize their practice profits.

While exiting the business may be full of uncertainties and risks, the virtual financial bootcamp event helps build that courage and confidence by sharing proven strategies for financial planning specific to ownership. The educational event will help make sure fundamental financial activities and life goals of practice owners match. This way, they can enjoy their retirement without having to worry about stability and security.

Rising inflation and other threats may present challenges for a practice owner’s financial security. However, with the right guidance and education on how to make good financial decisions, private practice owners can still enjoy their financial journey and be able to pursue the kind of life they want for themselves and their families.

The meaningful financial bootcamp will let practice owners discover more opportunities to provide more value in their practice and develop the financial wisdom necessary to achieve their business and personal money goals. Since the event is held online, busy practice owners can still attend the financial bootcamp in the comfort of their homes.

By registering for free, practice owners can take control of their financial future and focus on achieving their financial goals. Through this vital two-hour experience, practice owners will learn to take care of and prioritize themselves and their future and not just their patients.

About Econologics Financial Advisors

Econologics Financial Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor firm and insurance agency. We are a nationwide financial planning firm serving the needs of healthcare practice owners including veterinarians, physical therapists, optometrists, and dentists, etc. helping them gain confidence in their financial future and achieve financial freedom.

By helping practice owners plan a path toward financial success, Econologics Financial Advisors teaches them to build a profitable business, prepare for retirement, and protect and expand their assets. Moreover, we help practice owners plan their financial legacy and realize their financial goals.

Econologics Financial Advisors is also home to multiple licensed financial advisors and a staff who are committed to helping practice owners achieve their business and personal financial goals. Eric S. Miller, the Co-Owner and Chief Financial Advisor at Econologics, has had over 20,000 conversations with practice owners and over a decade of experience helping them make their financial journey smooth and more meaningful.

With the skills, talents, and dedication of the Econologics Financial Advisors team, more practice owners will identify and overcome the hurdles on the journey to achieving their financial goals, maximize the fruits of their hard work, and be able to build a better financial future.

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