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efizbo Announces Partnership with Inspectify to Deliver a Better Approach to Inspections for Home Buying/Selling Process


The collaboration of Inspectify and efizbo – reimagining property listings by incorporating complete home inspections to facilitate transparent transactions

NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA, August 7, 2023/ — The home inspection, one of the most critical steps during the home selling/buying process, not only reveals the current condition of a home but also serves as a key metric in determining whether a buyer’s potential real estate investment is viable. With so many contingencies riding on a successful home inspection, it’s easy to understand why sellers can become evasive and not completely transparent with disclosures. efizbo and Inspectify aim to refine the process by having home inspections completed by sellers upfront, including completed inspection reports with each listing to ensure honest transactions and satisfied buyers.

Speaking about the partnership, James Schlimmer, CEO of efizbo, said, “We’re committed to improving the real estate buying and selling experience for all parties involved. By integrating Inspectify’s incredible services into efizbo’s platform, we can now provide completed home inspections with each listing, ensuring an even playing field for both buyers and sellers.”

Sellers will now be responsible for having the home inspection completed by a licensed third party that buyers can rely on. This new spin on the home buying/selling process will create a more immersive, insightful shopping experience, allowing buyers to see the pros and cons of a property immediately so they can make more informed decisions. Inspectify’s modern technology and nationwide network of qualified, vetted inspectors will let sellers easily book inspections online for a competitive price, completing them faster and more efficiently so they can get their listings optimized for viewing and instill trust in potential buyers.

“We are thrilled to be joining our services with efizbo’s amazing platform,” rejoiced Josh Jensen, CEO of Inspectify. “Our shared vision of modernizing the real estate industry and driving more standardization and transparency will provide a transformative experience that sets new standards for home inspections.”

The junction of Inspectify’s convenient, reliable inspection service with efizbo’s user-friendly, seamless home selling/purchasing platform marks a major milestone in shaping the future of the real estate industry. With this forward-thinking partnership, efizbo and Inspectify aim to transform the inspection process and enhance home listings, revolutionizing real estate transactions and improving the overall consumer experience.

About efizbo:

efizbo is a 100% online user-friendly real estate platform that simplifies the buying and selling process. From contract to close, efizbo provides users with helpful, innovative features and guidance through every step of the transaction for the ultimate closing experience.

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