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Exotic Pet & Reptile Expo Roars into the Heart of Las Vegas at Santa Fe Casino

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Exotic Pet & Reptile Expo

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — Calling all animal enthusiasts and reptile lovers! Prepare to be enchanted by a captivating display of exotic pets and reptiles as the Exotic Pet & Reptile Expo descends upon the prestigious Santa Fe Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This highly anticipated two-day event, scheduled for September 9th and 10th, 2023, promises to be an extraordinary experience for attendees of all ages. Attracting a diverse audience, the Exotic Pet & Reptile Expo aims to provide a platform for responsible pet ownership, education about exotic animals, ethical breeding practices and much more. Hosted within the grand halls of the Santa Fe Casino, the expo offers a unique opportunity for visitors to witness and interact with a menagerie of extraordinary creatures.

As you step into the Expo, prepare to be amazed by a stunning collection of rare and unique pets. The Exotic Pet Showcase will feature a kaleidoscope of colors and species, ranging from the vibrant plumes of majestic macaws to the curious antics of cuddly sugar gliders. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with animals that are often only seen in documentaries or read about in books.

Reptile enthusiasts will be spellbound as they enter the Reptile Wonderland. An array of captivating snakes, from the regal pythons to the enigmatic cobras, will be on display, as well as hundreds of other breeds of reptiles. The event provides an excellent opportunity to interact with reptile specialists who will share their knowledge and expertise on proper care and handling of these magnificent creatures. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the intricacies of habitat enrichment, nutrition, health care, and conservation efforts for exotic pets and reptiles. Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or considering welcoming a new addition to your family, these informative sessions will prove invaluable.

Animal lovers will delight in the diverse selection of pets, their products, accessories, and supplies… all available at the Expo’s marketplace. From top-tier reptile habitats to one-of-a-kind toys for furry friends, vendors will offer an extensive range of merchandise to cater to every pet’s needs. The Exotic Pet & Reptile Expo is designed to be an all-inclusive event, making it the perfect outing for families. The children, they offer exciting and educational activities aimed at fostering compassion and understanding for animals. Children will have the opportunity to meet some friendly critters up close and personal, sparking their curiosity about the natural world.

Be sure to purchase your ticket prior to the event, for the Exotic Pet and Reptile Expo is expected to sell out & become a City-Wide favorite for families all over the Las Vegas Valley!

Event Details:

Dates: September 9th & 10th, 2023

Location: Santa Fe Casino, [Address], Las Vegas, Nevada

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (September 9th)

10:00 AM to 4 PM (September 10th)

Admission: Adults: $15 | Children: $10 For 1 Day ticket

2-Day Ticket: Adults: $17 / Children: $0 For 2 Day ticket

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of exotic pets and reptiles. The Exotic Pet & Reptile Expo promises to be a memorable event filled with wonder, knowledge, and appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the official event website at www.LVEPRE.COM. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and sneak peeks leading up to the Expo!

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