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Groundbreaking Innovations Transform China’s Medical Cosmetology Equipment Landscape


GUANGDONG, CHINA, August 8, 2023/ — The medical cosmetology sector in China is experiencing a phase of robust technological advancement. Groundbreaking technologies such as the visual ultrasonic scalpel system, a laser beam construction methodology, and a comprehensive body shaping device have emerged. These patented innovations have a profound impact, propelling the Chinese medical cosmetology equipment industry to new heights.

With the continued expansion of China’s economy, the medical cosmetology sector has been on a trajectory of sustained growth. By the end of 2022, the market size of China’s medical cosmetology industry reached a staggering 34 billion dollar(247 billion yuan), with its equipment industry growing alongside. However, opportunities for enhancement in precision, standardization, and safety standards still persist.

In the pursuit of perfecting medical cosmetology devices, Ms. Bai Jie has dedicated herself to research and development. Her mission is to help physicians simplify surgical procedures, diminish the dependence on individual surgical skills, and heighten the standards of precision, safety, and standardization within the industry. The fruits of her tireless labor have culminated in several cutting-edge technologies, including the “multifunctional body shaping device”, “non-invasive double eyelid operation tool”, and “visual ultrasonic scalpel for surgical procedures”. These innovations have now been awarded patents in China.

Since 2018, several devices, including a rapid micro-lift facial rejuvenation device, and a non-invasive double eyelid operation tool, based on unique core technologies, have been granted patents. The “non-invasive quick double eyelid operation tool” is a prime example, which significantly reduces scarring risks associated with double eyelid surgeries.

Also, the freeform surface construction method for laser beam shaping allows a single step transformation of a collimated incident laser beam into a square uniform beam. This innovation paves the way for achieving optimal results, eliminating the need for secondary optimization.

The “multifunctional body shaping device”, capable of improving surgical precision to the millimeter level, reduces the dependence on surgical skills. This delivers more accurate, controllable, and efficient surgical procedures. Coupled with innovative elements such as the T-shaped probe, precise scale, and coagulation blood metal surface, rapid shaping, blood coagulation, and precise fat dissolution are possible. These advancements minimize surgical trauma and patient’s subcutaneous tissue damage, leading to a shorter recovery period.

Furthermore, a host of other pioneering instruments, including a precise eye bag fat liquifying locator, ultrasonic radio frequency eye bag remover, and an eye bag fat measuring device, have been recognized with national patents recently.

The introduction of these groundbreaking technologies like the “multifunctional body shaping device”, “non-invasive quick double eyelid formation tool”, “visual ultrasonic scalpel for surgical procedures” and more, undeniably opens up new avenues for China’s medical cosmetology equipment industry. With these technological advancements, a new era of precision and safety has begun, further cementing the bright prospects for China’s medical cosmetology equipment industry.

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