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How a Wrestler’s Invention Turned the King of Sweets


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Dodha burfi, one of the in style sweets within the nation, was the results of an experiment by Punjabi wrestler Harbans Vig within the 1900s.

With its roots within the Persian phrase ‘barf’ which implies snow, barfi isn’t any stranger to the dessert scene in India. 

It’s believed that the artwork of candy making originated eight centuries in the past when the folks of the Indus Valley Civilisation fermented sugar and blended it with milk, thus creating the first-ever sweets. 

As Sumedha Verma Ojha, creator and a historical past author write, “Sharkara” or shakkar is initially an Indian product constructed from sugarcane. Totally different sorts of sweets had been made by mixing this with sesame seeds, wheat, rice or barley flour. In fact, rice cooked in milk and sugar — payasa or kheer has by no means misplaced its reputation.”

Nevertheless, the modern-day barfi was serendipitous, when a wrestler from Punjab, Harbans Vig, determined to experiment with substances and created a tasty snack

Although this was in 1912, folks in Harbans’ hometown in Punjab nonetheless comply with the normal means of constructing the dodha barfi with germinated wheat flour, buffalo milk and sugar together with nuts and ghee and generally even dahi.

The candy has many variations at this time and one among them, the khoya barfi, is obtainable in numerous temples in India as prashad. It’s also one of the vital components within the ‘bhog’ (providing) provided to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Jagannath.

How did this candy turn out to be so liked? 

Discover out from this video. 

Edited by Asha Prakash

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