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Invtron DAO’s Game-Changing Token Sale and Innovative Features Set to Launch

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With democratic voting, PoDD, and elected leadership, we’re crafting a transparent, accountable, and forward-thinking platform that speaks to YOU.

Invtron DAO launches token sale on Oct 25, 2023. Join the blockchain revolution connecting investors & startups globally.”

— Empower Your Investment: Join the Revolution with Invtron DAO!

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, August 8, 2023/ — Invtron DAO, a blockchain startup headquartered in Switzerland, is set to launch its token sale on October 25, 2023.

This initiative is part of Invtron DAO’s mission to democratize investment by connecting investors and startups on a global scale.

Token Sale Details:

The upcoming token sale offers an opportunity for participation in a community that is focused on reimagining the future of startups and investment.

Invtron DAO’s Innovative Features:

Democratic Voting Mechanism: Invtron DAO has developed a transparent and inclusive environment for decision-making, allowing for a democratic process that may redefine how decisions are made in investment platforms.

Proof of Due Diligence (PoDD): This system is designed to recognize and reward informed investment choices, potentially setting a new standard for accountability within the investment community.

Elected CEO (E-CEO): The E-CEO role is a novel concept that aligns legal, transparency, and investment objectives, providing a unique governance structure within the blockchain space.

Global Endorsers: Invtron DAO’s network of elected individuals contributes diverse insights, enhancing decision-making and extending global reach.

Investment Strategy: Invtron DAO’s approach to startup funding emphasizes a community-centric investment experience, offering a fresh perspective on investment strategies.

Invtron DAO’s Commitment to Change:

Invtron DAO is more than a platform; it represents a commitment to security, transparency, and inclusivity. By breaking barriers and forging new paths, Invtron DAO is positioning itself as a potential leader in investment innovation.

About Invtron DAO:

Invtron DAO is working to create a transparent, accountable, and forward-thinking platform in the blockchain space. With features such as democratic voting, PoDD, and elected leadership, Invtron DAO reflects a commitment to principles that may shape the future of investment.

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Invtron DAO
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