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MLM Medical Labs Acquires Leica Bio Aperio GT-450 Scanner

Histology Scanner at MLM Medical Labs


The acquisition of this state-of-the-art digital pathology technology marks a significant expansion to MLM’s histology / histopathology capabilities

This cutting-edge technology will transform our laboratory’s operations, enabling us to accelerate research efforts and deliver the most reliable data to our partners quickly and efficiently.”

— Laura Kurth, Vice President of Operations at MLM

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, August 7, 2023/ — MLM Medical Labs (MLM), a leading provider in comprehensive laboratory services to the drug discovery and development industry, is pleased to announce a very significant expansion to its Histology capabilities with the recent acquisition of the state-of-the-art Leica Biosystems Aperio GT-450 Scanner. This cutting-edge digital pathology solution will revolutionize MLM’s capabilities in image acquisition, analysis, and data management.

Expanding upon MLM’s current brightfield scanning capabilities, the Aperio GT-450 Scanner represents a significant advancement in digital pathology, empowering researchers and pathologists with unparalleled speed, precision, and efficiency. With its high-capacity slide loader, the scanner can process up to 1000 slides per day, depending upon tissue size, significantly reducing turnaround times and streamlining workflows. This exceptional throughput will enable MLM to handle large-scale research projects and diagnostic tasks with remarkable ease. Furthermore, MLM will be able to deliver exceptional image quality and resolution, capturing the finest details of tissue samples with unparalleled clarity. The new software will enable efficient image management, annotation, and sharing, ensuring effortless collaboration among researchers and pathologists.

“Acquiring the Leica Biosystems Aperio GT-450 Scanner marks a significant milestone for MLM Medical Labs,” said Laura Kurth, Vice President of Operations at MLM. “This cutting-edge technology will undoubtedly transform our laboratory’s operations, enabling us to accelerate our research efforts and deliver the most reliable data to our partners quickly and efficiently. We are excited about the opportunities this presents and the impact it will have on advancing our capabilities.”

MLM’s investment in the Aperio GT-450 Scanner reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in the field of Histology. By leveraging this advanced technology alongside their fluorescent scanning capabilities, MLM aims to help its partners drive breakthrough discoveries and contribute to scientific advancements.

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The Histopathology Department of MLM Medical Labs is located in Minneapolis, MN and serves the biotech and biopharma industry in the discovery of new and advanced therapeutics. Their experienced team of histologists provide everything from processing and embedding samples, to immunohistochemistry (IHC) assay development, to analysis via custom pathologist assessments, and/or automated image analysis.

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