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Poet and Author Sandra Leon-Gonzalez Unveils Collection, “Now I See,” Reflecting the Beauty of Life’s Journey


Now I See is available now

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, August 7, 2023/ — Esteemed poet and author Sandra Leon-Gonzalez has unveiled her latest poetry collection, “Now I See,” a profound exploration of life’s experiences and the transformative power of reflection, love, and personal growth.

In “Now I See,” Leon-Gonzalez presents a captivating tapestry of emotions, drawing inspiration from her personal journey and the powerful themes of resilience, self-acceptance, and the indomitable nature of the human spirit. Through her poignant verses, Leon-Gonzalez invites readers to broaden their horizons and embrace the inherent beauty that lies within themselves and the world around them.

Born of Jamaican heritage and raised in Alburtis (a suburb of Allentown), Pennsylvania, the poet has always found solace and inspiration in the written word. She is a graduate of William Allen High School and Brooklyn College. With three self-published volumes of poetry to her credit, Leon-Gonzalez’s latest release marks a significant milestone in her poetic journey.

Reflecting on her own experiences and drawing from a wellspring of personal growth, Leon-Gonzalez’s poetry resonates with a profound longing for a world that embraces acceptance, truth, and love. Her verses challenge privilege, shine a light on social justice issues, and celebrate the idea of community. Through her words, readers are encouraged to explore their own humanity, feel empowered, and recognize the transformative power of love.

Her poetic journey began as a means of personal expression and healing during a period of profound loss. Following the tragic passing of her husband just weeks before Hurricane Sandy, she experienced a deep sense of powerlessness and loss of identity. As Leon-Gonzalez describes it, “It was almost as if someone came and chopped off my arms and I couldn’t function.” However, through resilience and the power of self-discovery, she emerged stronger and more determined to embrace life’s possibilities.

“I’ve come a long way, but I still have a long way to go on my journey. Every day I’m feeling better and better and more alive,” says Leon-Gonzalez. Her poetry reminds readers that love is a force that rescues, uplifts, and takes us to the best places.

In her favorite poem from the collection, “Journey to the Future,” Leon-Gonzalez eloquently expresses her longing for a world where freedom, love, and acceptance prevail. She writes, “I long for a place I’ve never been / Where freedom reigns and love’s instilled / Where there are no questions with boxes that ask / For race and gender and ethnicity as a task.”

Leon-Gonzalez currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband Kevin and daughter Alyssa. Her passion continues to guide her on an ever-evolving journey of enlightenment and growth.

“Now I See” by Sandra Leon-Gonzalez is now available on Amazon. For more information about the author and her compelling body of work, please visit her website.

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