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Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann at the CHRIST University in New Delhi/Bangalore

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann, the founder of Humanistic Psychodrama and his scientific assistant Vishal Lohchab from New-Delhi in India

The founder of Humanistic Psychodrama Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann / Vishal Lohchab

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann teaches Humanistic Psychodrama in India

Vishal Lohchab holds the esteemed position of being the youngest Scientific Assistant under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann.”

— Vishal Lohchab

AICHACH, BAYERN, DEUTSCHLAND, August 8, 2023/ — Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann is a highly renowned German psychologist and a pioneer in the field of humanistic psychodrama. With a distinguished career spanning decades, he has earned global recognition as a leading psychotherapist, renowned researcher, and prolific author of over 200 published articles and several influential psychological books, specially 20 publications on the TMS – Test for Medical Studies – a subject-specific study aptitude test developed according to the international standards of psychological aptitude diagnostics. Throughout his illustrious career, Prof. Gessmann has imparted his profound knowledge and expertise in universities across diverse continents, including Russia, India, and Africa, leaving a lasting impact on countless students and professionals. In 1973, he founded the Psychotherapeutisches Institut Bergerhausen (PIB) in Duisburg, Germany, and later established another training center in Kerpen, which has played a pivotal role in training more than 1500 psychotherapists, shaping the future of the field. A trailblazer in the realm of psychodrama, his remarkable contributions have significantly shaped the field and earned him immense respect within the international psychology community.
Notably, his groundbreaking work on sleep medicine led to the establishment of Germany’s first home-based sleep laboratory in 1986, further cementing his expertise and impact in the domain. Prof. Gessmann’s eminence extends to his affiliations with prominent organisations, including the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama and the International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. He is also the Director of ICCPP (International Center of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy), which has experienced rapid growth, now operating in more than 30 countries and involving over 200 specialists.
Notably, he also founded the ICCPP-Journal of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, serving as its chief-editor. This peer-reviewed publication by the International Center of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy covers a diverse array of clinical psychology topics and has been circulated in approximately 100 countries since 2021. He has received honorary professorships and awards from various prestigious universities, including Moscow State University, Krasnoyarsk Medical University, and Kostroma State University.
Undeniably, Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Gessmann’s remarkable work has left an indelible mark on the field of psychology, earning him unparalleled respect and influence as one of the most esteemed and influential psychologists in the world today.
Das ICCPP arbeitet mit über 200 Fachleuten in zahlreichen Ländern, um die Psychotherapeutische Versorgung zu entwickeln. Es veröffentlich ein internationales Journal, Fachbücher und Lehrfilme in einem angeschlossenen Verlag.

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