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Projected 70% Increase in India’s Per Capita Income by 2030, Envisions Standard Chartered Bank’s Research


JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA, August 8, 2023/ — According to a research report released by Standard Chartered Bank, India’s per capita income is anticipated to increase by approximately 70% by 2030, projecting a rise from the current $2,450 to an estimated $4,000. This boost in income is poised to facilitate India’s transition to a middle-income economy, contributing to a projected GDP of $6 trillion, with half of this total stemming from household consumption, as indicated by the research findings.

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This surge in income is poised to act as a catalyst, propelling India into the league of middle-income economies. As per the research findings, this anticipated financial upswing is set to drive significant advancements in the nation’s overall economic landscape.

Projections indicate that the increase in per capita income will play a pivotal role in driving India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to remarkable heights. The research foresees the Indian economy reaching a monumental GDP of $6 trillion, with a noteworthy 50% of this remarkable figure attributed to household consumption. This indicates the increasing prominence of consumer spending as a pivotal driver of India’s economic growth.

The report attributes several factors to this promising trajectory, including a burgeoning and dynamic workforce, technological advancements, and a diversified economic landscape. Moreover, strategic policy interventions and structural reforms are expected to further bolster India’s economic momentum.

As India embarks on this promising economic journey, the implications extend beyond financial indicators. The anticipated rise in per capita income not only underscores the resilience and determination of the nation but also solidifies India’s role as a beacon of economic potential and possibility.

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