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Smart PR Communications offers Outsourced Solution

Comprehensive, Affordable Marketing for Very Small Businesses

The solution was developed to deliver short-term and long-term metrics-based results.

CHICAGO, IL, U.S., August 7, 2023 / — Smart PR Communications, one of the leading strategic marketing communications consultants for growing businesses, just announced a new comprehensive marketing solution designed specifically for very small businesses. The solution was developed to deliver short-term and long-term metrics-based results.
Smart PR Communications President Jeanna Van Rensselar said, “Marketing has always been a source of great frustration for most businesses—very small businesses in particular. They know they need marketing, but don’t know where to start or how to gauge effectiveness. So, they end up taking a piecemeal approach—trying isolated things in succession, never really knowing how well anything is working.”
The company’s comprehensive new product is based on more than a decade of creating and leveraging marketing communications and closely monitoring the effectiveness. Following are components of this Core Marketing Solution.

Blog Posts: 2/Month
• Description: 300-500 words each; keyterm optimized
• Purpose: To create the content necessary to drive organic search results and website traffic.
Emails: 2/Month
• Description: Strategically written and formatted for maximum open and click thru rates.
• Purpose: To create interest, drive website traffic and capture leads.
Media Releases: 1/Month
• Description: 400-500 words each; distributed through digital news service to major outlets and news aggregators.
• Purpose: For visibility in news results, especially Google News, and to create crucial backlinks to the client site.
Lead ID: Daily/Weekly
• Description: Tool that will capture at least the names of organizations, and in some case the name of the visitor
• Purpose: This has a number of purposes. For example, it will pick up some email recipients that went to the website without clicking on a link or button in the email itself. None of these tools are perfect and will miss many visitors, but they are an excellent way to connect marketing to sales for lead purposes.
Analytics Reports: Weekly/Monthly (read the complete list)
• Description: These are the reports Smart PR Communications runs regularly run for clients. There are other reports they can run if they see a marketing-related issue.
• Purpose: So that both the client and Smart PR Communications know how they are doing. Running these reports often uncovers an issue that, once detected, can be resolved quickly. Having these metrics also allows an expeditious pivot if something isn’t working and an intensified focus on what is working.
Status Meetings: Weekly
• Description: Client attendees at these fast-paced meetings typically include a decision maker and someone from sales. The day before each meeting, we send the client the weekly analytics reports and an agenda—which the client can add to. These meetings usually last 15-30 minutes.
• Purpose: To discuss what was accomplished the previous week and what needs to be accomplished the next week. Smart PR Communications also goes over the analytics reports, so that the client has a clear idea of progress and any issues that need their attention. This is an excellent consulting opportunity for the client.

“One of the primary pain points of smaller organizations that are competing against industry giants with unlimited marketing funds is visibility,” Van Rensselar said. “The good news is that these smaller businesses can cost-effectively compete with the right marketing mix and expert execution.”
Leading marketing communications consultant, Smart PR Communications (SPRC), specializes in creating and maintaining significant visibility for growing organizations. SPRC collaborates closely with clients and serves as either a scalable marketing dept. or as communications specialists for an existing marketing dept. SPRC maintains offices on LaSalle Street, Chicago; Naperville, Ill.; Minneapolis, Minn.; and Cleveland, Ohio. To contact Smart PR Communications, call 630-363-8081; email:; or visit

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