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The Diamond Oak Now Buying Bulgari Jewelry


Iconic Bulgari jewelry is stunning, sophisticated, much in demand, and holds its value.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — In so many ways, Bulgari Jewelry is recognized the world over, for not only its stunning beauty and design but for its desirability and enduring value.

The iconic Bulgari brand and reputation are tremendously sought-after. The exciting news is that The Diamond Oak, specializing in pre-owned, hard-to-find antique and vintage jewelry, is now buying Bulgari jewelry.

“Bulgari is recognized for its bold colors, unique designs, legendary beauty, and sophistication,” explains Alon Mor, the renown fine jewelry expert and Owner and Founder of The Diamond Oak, the world-famous fine jewelry source in New York’s Diamond District.

“And the legend continues! Today, Bulgari jewelry is very popular and commanding high prices in the resale market.”

No matter what specific type of Bulgari jewelry, Mor points out that The Diamond Oak is interested!

The Bulgari brand has been innovative from the start, defining its own style. Designs and spectacular pieces, like the instantly recognizable and eye-catching Trombino ring, the Tubogas, the 18K yellow gold choker, the Giardinetto brooch, the Serpenti bracelet-watch, and the countless other Bulgari pieces which have become a favorite of royalty, celebrities, and elites.

Bulgari is also a key part of The Diamond Oak’s international reputation for meeting the fine jewelry wants and needs of sophisticated fine jewelry clientele. “Every Bulgari piece has value!” he stresses.

In addition to considering the piece’s rarity and market value, The Diamond Oak experts grade the condition—keeping in mind that minor scuffs and scratches can usually be buffed out and don’t affect the value of the piece.

Items of Provenance, like the original box, receipt, jewelry bag, and other documentation, can also add value because it is what collectors prefer.

“No matter the condition or provenance, Bulgari jewelry holds its value,” Alon Mor emphasizes. “And our Diamond Oak professionals have the trusted experience and the skill to determine a fair price for buying Bulgari jewelry.”

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Diamonds and Jewelry are about connection and devotion. Loved one to loved one, of course, but also buyer to seller. My intention behind The Diamond Oak is not simply to sell or create fine jewelry, but to facilitate the celebration of profound moments and life’s milestones with precious and meaningful gifts, to be cherished for a lifetime, and to continue as a legacy for future generations. It is one of the reasons why I chose THE DIAMOND OAK as a name. In many cultures, it symbolizes strength, connection, and community…and “Oak” is the literal translation of “Alon” אלון from Hebrew.

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