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TO BE GLOBAL. / HighLevel B2B Matching platform.


SASAL, INC has launched a new service named “TO BE GLOBAL“. It is a global High-Level Business to Business matching platform.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — SASAL, INC has launched a new service named “TO BE GLOBAL“. It is a global High-Level Business to Business matching platform. This service’s cost is a performance reward please sign up from sign-up.

What is “TO BE GLOBAL.

To Be Global is a job-matching platform for B2B businesses, run by SASAL, INC. Every country has companies with great potential, but sometimes they lack the knowledge of global work. As a businessman, expanding overseas is one way of enhancing business skills. SASAL, INC pleasure that clients use “TO BE GLOBAL.” and then increase the company’s future value.

Three merits users use “TO BE GLOBAL.”

Make relationships with “High-Level Company”.

If users are looking to grow their business internationally, it’s important to understand the business landscape of other countries. This might take a time-consuming and expensive process. Fortunately, this platform is targeting the companies below. Past Career Levels “World University Ranking Top 100, Forbes 2000, NYSE Listed Company” and Current Career Levels ” Business Owner, Authorizer, Investor”. SASAL, INC is filtering the user then the users’ company makes it easier to establish fruitful partnerships.

Expand New clients to Global and grow business.

It is estimated that approximately 1.5 billion people in the world speak English, which equates to roughly 20% of the global population of 7.3 billion. For example, a domestic American company expanding its business globally, means they are able to potentially attract four times the number of new clients.

Work directly with clients after 6 months.

Operating companies receive the jobs directly from the buyer. After 6 months if both hope, supplier and buyer are able to work directly. Please inform the designated sales representative. SASAL, INC is pleased suppliers and buyers work directly because it means both companies’ future value getting better.

System and Cost

This platform is operated based on the proposal from the buyer, hence suppliers are able to find the job easily compared with the other platform. This service operates on a results-based payment model. The fee charged is 30% of the determined cost with payment and it continues for 6 months. The company responsible for payment will be determined during the negotiation. Unlike other platforms, there is no fixed monthly fee and supplier and buyer are able to have the opportunity to work directly with clients without the operating company after 6 months if the supplier and buyer hope. If not, the user has to continue to pay after 6 months.

Advertisement System of “TO BE GLOBAL.”

In “TO BE Global.”, it is possible to post advertisements. Suppliers can advertise for free. There is a screening system for advertising, hence SASAL, INC believes that we can provide high-quality information to users regardless of the free cost.


“TO BE GLOBAL.” is the High-Level B2B Matching platform of the Global. There is a promising company in each country. They have enough ability to compete globally, but because they can achieve results in their own countries, they do not realize the importance of having a global perspective and expanding their own businesses. To Be Global give the user a chance for business and career and would like to support the business growth of both the buyer and supplier by helping the best and brightest in each country to acquire and expand work beyond national borders. This service is operated by SASAL, INC.


SASAL, INC is a Strategy Consulting Company. Strategy consulting is when a business owner brings in a third party to offer an outside, expert perspective on their business challenges and then grow their business. Some clients are afraid that they get Strategy Consulting, but that is the right reaction. Because Strategy Consultant gives the client new opinions, hence sometimes each of us doesn’t understand the intention of us, but by using directly exchanging opinions, we solve the problem and then grow the business. Some Strategy Consulting Company afraid of direct communication because there is a risk to lose their job, but SASAL, INC doesn’t afraid of that. Because SASAL, INC’s mission is “Increase your company’s Future Value”. SASAL, INC is glad the client’s company improves “Future Value” with us.

Others If users have any requests for service improvements, please let us know from the contact. SASAL, INC pledges to face each one carefully and make improvements.


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