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TutorABC Extends a Helping Hand to Affected Students of Brilliant Education with Free English and Chinese Classes

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The sudden closure of Brilliant Education in HK has left over 500 customers in distress , TutorABC offers free English and Chinese classes to those affected.

We sincerely hope that our initiative will help alleviate some of the burden faced by the affected families during this challenging time.”

— Rodney Miles, the Co-Chairman of TutorABC

HONG KONG, August 8, 2023/ — In the wake of the sudden closure of Brilliant Education, a private tutoring company in Hong Kong that has left over 500 customers in distress over prepaid fees, TutorABC, a leading online education platform, has stepped forward with a generous offer to support the affected students and their families.

As Brilliant Education is being investigated for the alleged breaches of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, TutorABC expresses deep concern for the students who have been negatively impacted by this unfortunate event. Understanding the significance of continuous education and academic assistance, TutorABC has reached out to Brilliant Education and its representatives, offering free English and Chinese classes to the affected students during this challenging time.

“We understand the distressing circumstances faced by the students and parents affected by the closure of Brilliant Education,” said Rodney Miles, the Co-Chairman of TutorABC. “As an organization committed to promoting accessible and quality education, we believe it is our responsibility to lend a helping hand to these students who have been left without the educational services they paid for.”

The free English and Chinese classes will be made available through TutorABC’s AI-powered online learning platform, enabling students to continue their studies from the comfort of their homes.

“As an online education platform, we have the tools and resources to offer seamless and interactive learning experiences,” added Chairman Miles. “We sincerely hope that our initiative will help alleviate some of the burden faced by the affected families during this challenging time.”

TutorABC’s offer of free English and Chinese classes to the affected students of Brilliant Education demonstrates the organization’s commitment to educational excellence and social responsibility. By extending this support, TutorABC aims to foster a sense of community and solidarity within Hong Kong’s education sector.

Additionally, through the company’s special global partnerships, TutorABC will be able to offer a wide range of courses, from Oxford, Cambridge, Baron’s (exam preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and AP Chinese), HSK and TOCFL Chinese exam preparation, as well as study abroad consulting services for over 200 top-tier universities in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

TutorABC remains open to collaborating with relevant authorities to ensure that the affected students receive the necessary support and compensation for the prepaid fees they are owed. The company encourages other educational institutions and stakeholders to join in supporting these students and their families during this difficult period.

For more information about support from TutorABC and its educational programs, please contact the support team via WhatsApp on +852 6779 8806, or via email at

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