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What is Xi Jinping hiding? Everything


Yes. Xi Jinping is scared of his own people and to some extent even the Communist Party that he took total control off by going after just about everyone he thought would be a deterrent. I have been to China on work several times but it also mystified me. I had travelled to over 30 countries as a journalist and film maker but the trips I made to China in the 1990s and than in 2013, after a gap of more than a decade, was like going into a vast construction site in city after city. China seemed to me then a country that had actually achieved the impossible. From a closed off nation to a vibrant manufacturing hub with so much being built at such a huge scale that it made me wonder even then if it was sustainable.

It was not.

It is reported that China used as much cement and steel in less than a decade than America had in a century. In fact, from 2011 to 2013 it is reported that China used 6.5 gigatons of cement –that’s more than the US used in the whole of the 20th Century.

As early as 2013 there were reports of several ghost cities that were being maintained but had no residents. In fact, 30 percent of China’s GDP was propped by large infrastructure projects including real estate. This needed people being able to buy not one but two properties and when Covid hit and the Zero Covid Policy locked up city after city, small scale businesses, medium scale businesses and even large factories closed down, resulting in huge job losses and large foreign companies relocating to East Asia and India.

There have been reports of China misleading the world in its GDP growth numbers and some economic analysts have calculated that the country has been misreporting growth statistics and that the GDP is nowhere near $18 trillion but could be as low as $8 trillion. Several provinces in China are in depth due to large scale infrastructure projects, corruption, and mismanagement. Some reports put the combined debt of the provinces as high as $15 trillion.

You Tube videos showing the vast scale of death and infections earlier this year have led to suspicions that China not only covered up the Covid epidemic in late 2019 but was not able to vaccinate its people and its vaccines were ineffective and created havoc in late 2022 and early 2023.

Since Xi Jinping came into power his policies of going after high tech companies and billion-dollar private education and tuition giants has crushed private enterprise and exports.

Today, China is trusted by no civilized country, but the world got too dependent and de- risking or de- coupling is a painful process and I always say that America made China the monster it has become today. It only needed a dictator like Xi Jinping, who is a carbon copy of Mao, for nations to realise it. Like Mao his policies are not only dangerous for the world but for the Chinese people.

Xi has made enemies of every neighbouring country even the ones who had heavily invested in China. He has single-handedly, provoked war like situations with India; pledged to invade Taiwan; taken over Hong Kong completely even while saying he agreed with one country two systems.

To come back to my headline: what is Xi hiding?

Right now, his foreign minister who it seems to have disappeared like many in China do. It is rumoured he was having and affair with a young Chinese TV host who lived abroad and was close to Western nations. Three of his top commanders in his Rocket Force have died mysteriously some say by suicide. Top secret documents of this force were revealed to the US.

He is also trying to hide the fact that his country is not in trouble, that the banks have accrued huge debts, and people are not able to withdraw their own money.

The real estate sector and infrastructure spending has created companies that are on the verge of default. Young Chinese who bought apartments to live in are not getting them as the big companies like Evergrand and several others don’t have the money to build. Foreign direct investment has fallen to an all time low. Foreign companies are moving out of China and wish they could do it faster.

Exports are falling as well as imports. 25 percent of educated young people have no jobs. Low demand from the West and decoupling from China has been a boon to Mexico, Vietnam, and India among others.

Even while desperately wanting to get foreign investment back, XI has passed laws on security and is jailing people in accounting and consulting firms from abroad, on the false notion that they were spying on Chinese internal practices. This has scared Foreign Direct Investment.

The reverse engineering that China tried to do with passenger aircraft’s has failed. All the planes have been grounded. Millions of Chinese are going back to their villages as there is no work for them in cities. Property prices, car prices have fallen alarmingly. This should be good news but there are no jobs, thus no money or buyers.

No jobs, no money no consumption. How did Xi ever think he could have a consumption driven thriving economy?

But for him party comes first, growth be damned. He has resorted to telling the youth to “eat bitterness” and stay strong. Will the people revolt? They are in various cities but are beaten down by security forces. Through social media one gets to know that anger among Chinese citizens is building up but in an all- powerful state where your every move is recorded via camera and phone apps, there is no chance of a revolution. Will a cornered Xi try to invade Taiwan to unite his people under a nationalistic cause? He could, but it will be messy, and the sanctions imposed by America and EU would destroy China’s power for good apart from the death, destruction, and a permanent pariah status.



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