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YK Osiris Hits Back At Julio Foolio Over NBA YoungBoy Snitching


YK Osiris has sniped at Julio Foolio, who previously alleged that the Def Jam rapper gave him the drop on NBA YoungBoy’s location when they were feuding.

Osiris took to his Instagram Story on Sunday (September 17) to clear up the story about giving up YoungBoy’s location, which he denies doing, in an effort to stay out of the Baton Rouge rapper’s cross-hairs.

“Shit so lame bro, I gotta get on here and defend myself every frickin time I be chilling drinking my margarita and a n-gga wanna come up here and cap and get clickbait,” he said. “Leave me the fuck out of that. You know damn well I got nothing to do with that.

“Stand on your own. I’m not with none of that bro. That ain’t even no real n-gga shit. Why the hell you talking like that on the internet? What you smoking, dope? Get me out that situation bro. I don’t beef with n-ggas. I don’t involve myself with that shit, n-gga.”

Watch the clip below:

YK Osiris continued on his Instagram Story alleging others just use his name for clout: “Y’all don’t see it, n-ggas just want to use my name for clout damn, it’s obvious at this point, give it up fr.”

Foolio then took to his own Instagram Story hours later to respond to Osiris and he’s wondering why YK was bugging out about the YoungBoy situation when it happened in 2019 and nobody got hurt.

YK Osiris Accused Of ‘Scamming’ YouTuber Out Of $60K Basketball Debt

YK Osiris Accused Of ‘Scamming’ YouTuber Out Of $60K Basketball Debt

“Osiris so damn lame that shit happened 4 years ago ain’t nothing happen nobody in that situation,” he wrote. And the fans asked me a question, ‘what’s the full story on the youngboy situation.’ I told them it is what it is not that serious.”

The back-and-forth was sparked by the Jacksonville rapper blaming YK Osiris for giving him information about YoungBoy’s whereabouts when they were beefing after being asked about the fizzled YB feud in a recent IG Live.

“Guess who sent us the room number, Osiris,” he said with a laugh. “Ayo, bro, he said one of my dogs in the room with him. I’m like, ‘Osiris, what the fuck shit?’ … So we already know the little hoes.

“We hop on the elevator and we going up and as we go up we stop trying to look for the room and shit and the elevator open back up and it was the n-ggas OG33 and two other n-ggas.

Julio Foolio continued: “We walk up to the room and we knock on that bitch. He didn’t come out. As the three of them walking down the hallway, we get in an argument. That’s when y’all saw the video.”

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